Check out these easy activation add-ons that can further enhance your GhostPhone!    



Add a SMS HostPhone for Restaurants that lets you text customers from your front of house or office mobile device. 

HostPhones include unlimited SMS messaging. No contract needed. Cancel at any anytime. Works from all devices including iOS and Android phones, Tablets, Desktop and Laptop computers.

*A Ghostphone phone number is required to integrate the TextBack, and VoicePic features.






GhostPhone Mobile Curbside with SMS lets your staff text and call curbside customers.  Curbside Includes pre-configured 4K quality Dynamic QR Code for high-resolution printing. Also includes unlimited SMS messaging + unlimited local calls.  This mobile VOIP phone works on wifi without any requirement to be connected to a carrier. 

No contract. Cancel anytime.

A Ghostphone number is required to integrate Curbside SMS.



+10/mo phone lease



Replace your Landline extension phones with GhostPhone mobile. Includes unlimited SMS messaging + unlimted local calls. GhostPhone Mobile is a mobile VOIP phone app that works on wifi without any requirement to be connected to a carrier. No contract. Cancel anytime. Phones come pre loaded, with Otterbox cases, screen protectors and ready to use. Leased to you at $10 p/mo with 24 hour replacement or buy your own.

A Ghostphone subscription is required to use the Mobile extensions.



+10 /mo phone lease

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