East Texas-Style BBQ

Southern cooking heavily influences East Texas BBQ. With a heavier focus on sauces for chopped meat sandwiches, East Texas BBQ uses a lot more pork than other regions, especially pork ribs. Here, you’ll find even more sides to add to your plate. More southern dishes and flavors join the party, like boudin, okra and banana pudding.

South Texas-Style BBQ

South Texas-style BBQ is where BBQ meets Mexican American traditions. In this region, brisket is smoked for 12 hours in an underground pit (or in an oven or steamer in most modern kitchens). Cheek or lengua (yes, tongue), otherwise known as barbacoa, is usually used in tacos. 



West Texas-Style BBQ

We do it cowboy style in West Texas, with chicken, sausage and ribs grilled over an open pit. High direct heat means faster cook times. West Texas BBQ uses mesquite wood as well but has much less smoke flavor than other styles. 


Central Texas-Style BBQ

Central Texas-Style BBQ
It’s all about the dry rub. Brisket in the Hill Country is smoked over mesquite, oak and hickory woods for 12-24 hours. You’ll want to eat it with a couple of slices of white bread and sauce on the side if you need it. 


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When you think Texas BBQ, you might imagine fork-tender brisket with a dark outer bark and an enticing red smoke ring. But Texas is no one-trick pony, and neither is our BBQ. There are, in fact, four distinct styles to sample here — each with its own mouthwatering take on our state’s most famous food.

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